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Chemical safety Reporting

Real time information ensures chemical safety compliance

  • Customisable reports and list views, bespoke to suit your compliance needs
  • Compare your inventory live in line with EU legislation and compliance reports 
  • Easily download and edit Excel documents
  • Share chemical safety reports with staff and run live updated inventory checks instantly 

Access the critical information about the chemicals on your site in easy to use Excel reports.

"Since we started working with Chemdoc we are confident that all our safety data sheets are GHS compliant and that we have the most recent version"
Aileen Ashe, EHS Engineer, Merck Merck-200


Computer screen showing how list products based on various classifications
Product Classification Reports

Using product classification reports you can list products based on:

  • A single classification (flammable, corrosive, etc).

  • A specific risk (pregnancy hazard etc).

  • A number of classification criteria (eg. CMR report to show all carcinogenic, mutagenic or reprotoxic hazards).

Computer screen showing how to run reports on the quality and health of your supplier safety data sheets
SDS Health Reports

Run reports on the quality and health
of your supplier safety data sheets

  • List of all non-compliant SDS (missing or incorrect format).

  • Summary of products by SDS status (GHS, Non-GHS, etc).

  • Summary of product SDS by revision year.

Computer screen showing how to compare substances in your inventory against regulatory lists.

Run reports on the substances contained
within the products in your inventory

  • List all individual substances by CAS Number.

  • Compare substances in your inventory against regulatory lists.

  • Filter reports according to substance classification.




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