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COSHH Risk Assessments

COSHH Management Made Easy

  • Quickly create useable, relevant and compliant assessments
  • GHS Classification field pre populated for you
  • Easily manage documentation and revision control
  • No more paperwork
"Since we started working with Chemdoc we are confident that all our safety data sheets are GHS compliant and that we have the most recent version"
Aileen Ashe, EHS Engineer, Merck Merck-200


Computer screen showing how design a template specific to the needs of your own organisation
Custom COSHH Templates

Deliver focused, relevant COSHH assessments to your staff

  • Design a template specific to the needs of your own organisation.

  • Easy drop-down builder is simple and quick for non EHS personnel.

  • Pre defined pick fields make adding data much quicker for the user and relevant.

Computer screen showing how to log all the updates to COSHH assessments by registered users
Easy Document Management

Manage documents within the COSHH risk assessment module

  • Publish the latest COSHH assessments with updated revision numbers and dates and archive old assessments.

  • Log all the updates to COSHH assessments by registered users.

  • Our team input all GHS classification information from the Safety Data Sheet to your database. This data will then be pre-filled on all COSHH assessments your team creates. 


Computer screen showing digital sign off / read confirmation of assessments is simple and organised.

Request users to sign off via the digital read confirmation solution

  • Digital sign off / read confirmation of assessments is simple and organised.

  • Users can download PDFs of COSHH assessments quickly.

  • Efficiently manage user read confirmation from one central location.




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