Laptop open showing Saas software with accident reporting template on the screen
Accident Reporting

Manage accidents from reporting through
to corrective actions

  • Effectively streamline accident reporting and manage
    investigations easily
  • Easily configure accident templates, customised to your organisation
  • Enables full traceability of all accidents reported
  • Easily add pictures, attachments and corrective actions
    together with accident descriptions

Manage accidents with this integrated, configurable incident system. Set actions, investigations, findings, for any type of accident or event management process. Use our ready made templates to design your own accident and action system.


“When comparing solutions from different vendors during the procurement phase, we found that EcoOnline's OSH software is of a high standard. Compared to similar solutions for former experiences, I have been positively surprised."
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Computer screen showing how Monitor all accidents and data easily with intuitive reporting

Manage and monitor all accidents in your organisation with intuitive reporting

  • Monitor all accidents and data easily with intuitive reporting.
  • Configure accident templates to your needs with our easy to use Smartform feature.
  • Assign automatic actions to team members in real time based on required corrective measures.


Computer screen showing how to assign assign owners on the application to ensure seamless investigations.
Detailed Investigation

Monitor all accident details from occurrence to closing and track investigative actions

  • Assign owners on the application to ensure seamless investigations.
  • Safety Managers intuitive design encourages quick and accurate completion of accident investigation forms.
  • Enable unique and multiple investigation templates to accommodate simple reporting or more detailed versions
    for serious cases.



Computer screen showing full traceability on all accidents and accident history in your organisation.

Track every stage of the accident reporting process in your organisation

  • Full traceability on all accidents gives you a clear picture of the accident history in your organisation.
  • Add pictures, documents and corrective actions to each accident
    that is reported, to ensure it is dealt with correctly.
  • Capturing and investigating accidents quickly ensures all the necessary information is recorded to make calculated decisions.

Gain control of your workplace safety with easy to use processes

Computer screen showing all information available in the accident template
Record the accident within your organisation

Accident Reporting is a step-by-step process for
controlling health and safety accidents caused by hazards in the workplace.

Control the accident

Assess the controls you have in place and ask: can I remove the hazard completely or how can I manage the hazard so that accidents are less likely?

Review and revise your findings

You must review the controls you have put in place to make sure they are working.

Key Features of Accident Reporting




Automatic Notifications


Ready to Use Templates


Integrated Modules







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