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Audits and Inspections

Build checklists, conduct inspections and assign actions

  • Simply configure and create audit templates and checklists
  • Effectively monitor audit performances and assigned corrective actions
  • Enable scheduling, automated notifications and reminders
  • Introduce instant and on-the go audit reporting

Manage your audit, inspection and checklists in one central location. Quickly apply relevant, non-conformance and corrective actions. Schedule audits, checklist or inspections for staff to ensure accountability in the process. As always you can use our pre-made templates or customise your own.


“When comparing solutions from different vendors during the procurement phase, we found that EcoOnline's OSH software is of a high standard. Compared to similar solutions for former experiences, I have been positively surprised."
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Computer screen showing how to enable multiple purposes through our intuitive tool
Relevant Inspections

Enable your staff to document and complete audits per location

  • Use our validated templates or quickly create your own to ensure standardisation across your organisation.
  • Enable multiple purposes through our intuitive tool from machine and tool inspections, safety walks, EHS procedures, audits and more.
  • Our mobile app introduces instant, on-the go inspections and audit reporting, which allows you to attach relevant pictures and documents.


Computer screen showing easily schedule audits and inspections and instantly see upcoming and completed audits
Transparent Trail

Easily allow management to review audit outcomes transparently

  • Easily schedule audits and inspections and instantly see upcoming and completed audits.
  • Easily track completed corrective actions based on audit findings.
  • Effectively monitor audit performance, outcomes and assigned corrective actions, visually and transparently, as a percentage metric.


Computer screen showing how to automate scheduling notification to your staff to ensure audits are conducted effectively and in a timely manner
Streamlined Process

Get rid of slow and cumbersome paper-based audit reporting systems

  • Automate scheduling notification to your staff to ensure audits are conducted effectively and in a timely manner.
  • This intuitive tool allows your staff to streamline the audit completion process, saving valuable time.
  • A streamlined audit process ensures identifying corrective actions and assigning tasks has never been so easy.

Gain control of your workplace safety with easy to use processes

Computer screen showing all information available in the audit template
Perform the Audit within your organisation

Audits and Inspections are a step-by-step process for ensuring health and safety procedures are conducted and carried our correctly.

Consider the measures in place

Assess the controls you have in place and ask: is there a possibility that a hazard could occur and what needs to be implemented to reduce the risk of hazards occurring.

Review and revise your findings

You must review the controls you have put in place and introduce and update controls if necessary.

Key Features of Audits and Inspections




Automatic Notifications


Ready to Use


Integrated Modules







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