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Risk Assessments

Make quick and informed risk
control decisions

  • Ready to use templates or easily create your own 
  • Calculate the level of risk 
  • Easily monitor all assessments and revision control
  • No more lost paperwork

Design customised risk assessment templates to fit your needs or legacy corporate systems. From ergonomic, working height or desktop risk assessments, use our ready-made templates with tested questions and criteria or design your own in a matter of minutes.

“When comparing solutions from different vendors during the procurement phase, we found that EcoOnline's OSH software is of a high standard. Compared to similar solutions for former experiences, I have been positively surprised."
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Computer screen showing how all your data located in one centralised place
Accessible and Accurate

Reduce time filtering through paper
or Excel based documents and receive
real time results

  • Effortlessly create customised and localised templates whilst also following a standardised approach outlined by you.
  • All your data located in one centralised place, available when needed the most
  • Ability to instantly share detailed assessments with all staff easily and track confirmations.
Computer screen showing how to allow the reader to monitor all completed assessments and revision.

Ensure responsibility is shared and monitor completion of Risk Assessments effectively and efficiently

  • Attach relevant files and pictures to ensure detailed risk assessments are conducted.
  • Easy to read reporting allows the reader to monitor all completed assessments and revision.
  • Assign actions to team members instantly based on the identified risks.

Computer screen showing how effective improvement actions are assigned.
Calculated Decisions

Quickly see accurate information regarding risk assessment probability value, prioritization and impact

  • Identify the hazards, current control measures and assess risk probability to ensure effective improvement actions are assigned.
  • Create different size and dimension risk matrix’s depending
    on your organisation’s needs.
  • You decide who should create, view and edit risk assessments.
    All risk assessments can be reviewed by you or other team
    members depending on your process.

Gain control of your workplace safety with easy to use processes

Computer screen showing all information available in the risk assessment template
Assess the risk within your organisation

Risk management is a step-by-step process for
controlling health and safety risks caused by hazards in the workplace.

Control the risk

Assess the controls you have in place and ask: can I remove the hazard completely or how can I manage the hazard so that harm is unlikely?

Review and revise your findings

You must review the controls you have put in place to make sure they are working.

Key features of Risk Assessment




Automatic Notifications


Ready to Use Templates


Read and Understand


Integrated Modules






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